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1) As a SELF EMPLOYED Practitioner - The difference between being a "self-employed" professional and a "business entrepreneur" is HUGE (despite the fact that you may think you are wearing what seems to be "both" hats). Most Holistic Wellness Practitioners are self-employed. If they themselves are not delivering their services / therapies, they are not earning revenue.

Upside - The good thing about self-employment is that there can be "more flexibility and autonomy" in how you work -vs- being an employee.

Downside -The bad thing however, is the "risk". If YOU cannot (or choose not to) work - you have no income. Consider the financial consequences of that. And, since there is a limit to the "number of hours" you can work (or you want to work) - and on the "amount per hour" you can charge - you hit a ceiling, both on the revenue you're able to generate and on the wealth you can create. This is not an " entrepreneurial " model.

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2) As a BUSINESS OWNER - This IS a solution. Technically, running your own business (being different from running a "self employed" practice) means that you - through the beauty of leverage - can earn money, even when YOU are not working. It means you can take a vacation and not worry that you are losing money while you are trying to relax on the beach. It means that, if you get sick, or meet with an accident, your income still goes on - even though YOU are not there to produce it. We're talking about passive income.

NOTE - With the right business model - you CAN diversify - you CAN create attractive, on-going ((passive)) income streams - you CAN do it "within" your own wellness practice - even when YOU are not there. BUT, you need to choose very carefully.

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The BIGGER Picture ('3 Phases') - Here's something we'd like to put forward for your consideration => a potential blueprint for your FINANCIAL FREEDOM - in (3) wise steps...

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